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When encountering emergencies while out at sea fishing, the following methods should be followed:

May 28,2024 | FllickerMarine



  1. Stay Calm: It's crucial to remain calm to think clearly and act effectively.
  2. Wear a Life Jacket: Always have your life jacket on to ensure flotation in case you end up in the water.
  3. Send a Distress Signal: Use flares, emergency beacons, VHF radios, or other signaling devices to alert nearby vessels and the coast guard.
  4. Stay with the Boat: If the boat is still afloat, stay with it. A boat is easier to spot than a person in the water.
  5. Conserve Energy: If in the water, keep movements to a minimum to conserve body heat and energy.
  6. Stay Hydrated: Drink water if available, but avoid alcohol as it accelerates hypothermia.
  7. First Aid: Administer first aid as needed and if possible, depending on the emergency situation.
  8. Follow Emergency Procedures: If you have an emergency action plan or procedures, follow them closely.
  9. Await Rescue: Once you've signaled for help, await rescue and try to make yourself as visible as possible.


Always ensure that you have the necessary safety equipment on board and that everyone knows how to use it before heading out to sea.